4 Issues A Lot Of Vintage Car Owners Have

Flat tires happen to everyone at some point. It really is kind of a mystery how and why they happen when they do. Perhaps it’s on a long stretch of highway on a cross-America road trip. That seems a lot more likely than a flat occurring on the commute home from work one day.

No matter where flat tires happen, it’s important to be prepared. Car mechanics are always open and available to help with a flat - but sometimes they are too far away.

For those who do not know how to change a flat on their car, do not worry! Car owners have two great options on their hands. The first option is to get a CAA membership and make sure they get the complete coverage for any car damage experienced on the road. A CAA membership means that pretty much anywhere in North America a mechanic will be able to fix whatever ails the vehicle. Pretty good, right?

Even better is learning how to change a tire. A lot of car mechanics in Longmont would love to show their customers how to change a flat in their own garage, as it's part of general auto repair that everyone should know about. Unfortunately giving an in-person tutorial is not realistic for a number of reasons. Instead, car owners who want to learn how to change a flat should pick up a tire plug repair kit and follow these steps:

Step 1: Plugging the Hole

Sometimes all that has to be done is plugging a tire and getting back on the road. To accomplish this simple task, start by locating the hole in the tire. To do this, make sure there is a clean and dry spot to work near the vehicle. Take the you could check here tire off the car and look for the hole. Usually the hole has an obvious source like a nail or some sharp object. Clean the hole and then thread the plug into the hole until it is in deep enough to provide support. Then simply cut the excessive plug and then fill the tire with air once again.

Step 2: Changing A Tire

Sometimes changing a tire is required. In order to change a tire, make sure the car is parked away from the road on a flat surface. Put the park brake on and go in search of the spare and jack in the back of the car. Put the jack underneath the metal frame of the car and close to the wheel that needs to be replaced. Simply raise the car up enough to get access to the wheel. Once the car is stable in a raised position, simply replace the old wheel and put the new one on.

This kind of work can be done in emergency situations but should not be left alone afterwards. Definitely take it to one of the many auto repair shops in Longmont, Co see this site to see what else it needs.

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